Thank you to everyone that participated in our contest

Here are the entries

Clarissa Seltzer

Clarissa is a 7th grader at Saint Marys Catholic middle school. Clarissa chose the challenge from Kessel Construction to design her dream home. She chose this challenge because she would like to design houses when she is older. This challenge taught her how many details go into designing a home, she learned how to utilize space, and using Tinkercad is like using a blueprint so she is also learning to read blueprints.

Ethan Yingling

Ethan is a 12th grader at West Branch High school. He completed the construction laborer challenge to design a bridge. Ethan stated he had fun completing this challenge and has learned that there are some technics that work better than others when building bridges.

Ashley Warner, Brianna Bone, and Nathen Woods

Ashley is in the eleventh grade, Brianna and Nathan are twelfth-grade students, all attend school at the West Branch High school. They chose to complete the construction laborer challenge of building a bridge. They learned that teamwork is better when you help, plan and brainstorm on projects. Nathen stated that he has only built bridges across cricks and that using Knex to build this bridge has taught him how to form better supports. Nathen has also expressed an interest in building and construction and likes to build many different objects at home.

Meghan Tettis

Meghan is an 8th grader at St. Leos school. Meghan completed the landscape architect challenge in which she designed a model of an ATV trail. Through this challenge, Meghan has learned what a topographical map is.


Melena Piccirillo

Melena is an 8th grader at St. Leo's school. She chose  Kessel construction and the challenge of building your dream home. Melena will often accompany her dad to job sites and enjoys working with him, though she does not think she would like to do this when she is older. She learned that you can get creative when designing homes and that there are many choices.


Riley Duffield, Danai Aiello, Abby Eagen

Riley, Danai, and Abby attend St.Leo's school in the 8th grade. They chose Kessel Construction challenge of design your dream home. They learned that it can be hard to build things out of popsicle sticks and that you have to work together


Frank Messineo

Frank is an 8th grader at St. Leo's school. He chose to complete the Landscape Architect challenge. Franks stated that he learned that you have to trust teammates and others that you work with.

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